Community Service Requirements



Liberty High School

Community Service



Acknowledgement Sheet


Directions: As your teacher reads each of the provisions below, please initial next to each paragraph in the space provided. Then print and sign your name below.


_____1.  I understand that the district requires that each senior complete 20 hours of Community Service at a district approved non-profit agency.


_____2.  I understand that I may only count those hours that I have earned during my senior year including during the summer break, before or after school, on weekends, holidays, or on campus during an unscheduled period within the school boundaries.


_____3.  I understand that a different time card must be used for each organization that I assist. All timecards must be totaled at the bottom and completely filled in with the appropriate information and signatures. I understand that parents/guardians or relatives may not sign my timecard.


_____4.  Community Service mat not have proselytizing as their principle objective. For example participating in a political campaign on behalf of a candidate, political party, or specific issue is NOT allowed. Nor is participating in an evangelical or strictly faith based religious activity such as a religious service.


_____5.  As part of the Community Service I am required to write an essay relating my service to Economics and Government. My submission must include a proper title page, an essay a minimum of 37 lines in length in a 12 font with the 37th line on a third page with the appropriate time cards attached. With the PRIOR APPROVAL of and at the discretion of the teacher an alternative presentation may be submitted.


_____6.  The Community Service must be completed and the essay packet or teacher approved presentation submitted no late than the 15th of April. Thereafter partial credit will be given for late submissions prior to the 1st of May.


_____7.  As per the instructions from the District, Community Service will represent 5% of the overall course grade in the class that you submit your Community Service in.


_____8.  I understand my failure to complete the Community Service will negatively impact my grade in a course required for graduation and may result in my receiving a failing grade in the course and failure to graduate.


I have read and understand all of the above       __________________________________                                                       _________

                                                                                                (Print your name legibly above)                                               (Period)


                                                                                      ___________________________________                                _________

                                                                                                (Sign your name)                                                      (Date)


Additional Information


In January I will review all the Community Service Requirements and I will explain how to write an   essay relating the Community Service to both Economics and Government.


Starting in Mid-February student may start meeting with me for assistance in writing the essay and properly assembling their submissions.


Upon returning from the March break, students may submit their community service early so that any problems can be addressed prior to the April 15th deadline.