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The Issue of Supreme Court Nominees and Decisions



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"The President and The Congress are all very well in their way. They can say what they think they think but it rests with the Supreme Court to decide what they really think" Teddy Roosevelt

Supreme Court News Headlines

If you ask me...

Issue 1 : Intolerance and Free Speech: As the United States falls deeper in disunity, polorization, and intolerance seldom seen since the period of the civil war free speech is increasingly the victim of this disharmony.  Witness the recent riots on the CAL campus as the  thought police of the new facsicts left using the muscle of "blackshirts" sought to silence a speaker from the left.


This disregard for free speech did not erupt overnight as a by product of Trump's election but rather it has gained momentum with the blessing off the past administration in Washington. While the idea of "political correctness" the past administration's attempts to quiet opposition by declaring various issues such as climate change "settled" or "no longer subject to debate" They also raised the stakes considerable as an increased incentive of their vsupports.


Where once they claimed opposition parties will kill people now we  witnessed during the quieting of climate change "deniers" who I might add Obama compared to "flat earthers", claims that our very planet's survival was endangered. Obviously when weighted against the survival of our planet many on the leftare quick to change democratic notions. I mean can you trust the future of earth to the outcome of an election? How can we tolerate those who would lead some astry from the truths of the left.


By using language these new facsists now seek to further intimidate and harrass their opponents. Perverting the context of our very words in the public forum we see attempts to make certain phases not only policially incorrect but modern day forms of oppression and evidence in them selves of the ill intent of those that they oppose. For example, terms of gender identification are under attack on campuses and certain phases, prefiixes, ar now being deminized and in some cases banned.


Each year we increasingly hear about certain customes being banned from college campuses, the need to not speak of Chrisrtmas, Religion, God, and any other topic from an increasingly long list of political incorrectness. Even Saint Valentine's Day is now seen by some ultra feminist as another day to exploit women, bribing them with chocolates and flowers merely for the pleasue of inherently sexists and exploitist males. Where will this end?

Push back, when enought good people who have supported many worthwhile struggles for civil rights say the movement has been hijacked and is actually counterproductive . Last years presidential election after all was not just antiestablishment afterall it was seen as antipolitical correctness and who was the blame for that.





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Issue 2: Riots and Protest: The peaceful transition of power in American Government is an important aspect of our political system. Recall the outcry from the left when Trump hinted he might not accept the ourcome of the election. Yet the same grops and individuals so quick to condem Trump are in the forefront of those qyuestioning, protestsing, and even rioting because of the results of our election. While Obama was not universally accepted his opposition in no way rose to the levels that we have witnessed since the election. One need only sign on to Facebook to witness the strong opinions and diviseness that has characterized the nation these past several months.Given how the left has reacted to te Republican victory I doubt that in the future when Democrats return to power if their victorys will be challenged in turn by the right.














Issue 3: Trump: For the past eight years too many on the left willingly accepted any actions by Obama with little regard to the separation of powers or checks and balances provided for in our vsystemn of Constitutional government. Obama's actions polarized the nation giving rise to the Tea Party Movenment and ultimately to the victory of Trump and republicans around the nation. Now with the right in control of all three branches of government we will soon discover much to the discomfort of the left that what goes around comes around. Now it will be a Republian President with a pen and cell phon deciding which laws to enforce and which ones to overlook. It will be a Repblican controlled D of J writting threatening letters to public schools and local governments but of a different slant. For eight years I pointed out the dangers of allowing the Execcutive Branch to take powers that belonged to nthe other branches. Now the nation will see what happens when the powers that be swing in a diffferent direction.  Those who did not condem the despotic actions of the Obama Administration such as his miss using the IRS to target "enemies" should not cast stones now at the new administation. Let te chips fal and hopefully after the dust settles the nation will come to better appreciate the Constitution

What is the Media up To With Regards to Trump?

The Media/celebrities/leftists  totally misjudged the American people and Trump's ability to win the Presidency. Now that same media and groups are doing everything that they can to create the impression and "truth" that there is widespread and overwhelming opposition to Trump and everything he is doing including his policies and appointments. With thousands of Obama appointments still in government positions around Washington, they have a willing  trojan horse partner  to help them attempt to undermine the new president

"Trump will NOT be president"

"Hillary will win in Landslide"

Ugh! trump with Obama's Plane

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