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Specific Concepts


Course Introduction

Differences Between The House and Senate


The Articles, Constitution, and Federalism

Supreme Court Cases

Individual Liberties

Party Identification


Lesson 1 - Constitutional Influences

Lesson 2 - Separation of Powers

Lesson 4 - Federalist v Anto Federalists, Federalists Papers, and Bill of Rights

Lesson 6 - Theories of Democratic Government

Lesson 3 - Checks and Balances

Lesson 5 - Federalism

Lesson 7 - Citizen Beliefs

Lesson 8 - Political Socialization

Lesson 9 - Public Opinion

Lesson 11 - Citizen Political Beliefs

Lesson 10-Participation in Politics

Lesson 12 - Functions and Org of Political Parties

Lesson 13- Dev of political Parties

Title. Double click me.

Lesson 14- Parties and the Process

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