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Providing this soft meditation music and the photos on this page are not intended as an endorsement of any specific religion or belief system.

"Deep Within"

"Now We Remain"

"You Are Mine"

"San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo"

The Spanish Mission in Carmel, CA



Holy is His Name

"I am the Bread of Life"

"We Will Rise Again"

St Timothy's, Mesa AZ

"I am The Bread of Life"

St Mary's , Longboat Key, Florida

"The Way"

"Lord I Lift Your Name on High"

Jesus Hope of The World

"Who Am I?"

"St Francis"

Concord, CA

"Eye Has Not Seen"

"Lead Me Lord"

"Here I Am Lord"

"You Raise Me Up"

"Almudena Cathedral"

Madrid, Spain

"Holy Family of Chimayo"

Chimayo, New Mexico



"St Benedict Joseph Labre"

Queens ,NY

"Holy God We Praise Thy Name"

"There is Love"

"St Stephens"

Warwick, NY

"One Bread, One Body"

"We are Called"

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Brentwood, CA

"Draw me Close to You"

"San Nicolas"

Alhama de Almeria, Espana

"We Have Been Told"

"Be Not Afraid"

"With You By My Side"

"Praise to The Lord"

"Gift of Finest Wheat"

"One Bread, One Body"

"Supper  of The Lord"

"Infant Jesus"

Port Jefferson, NY

"Turn To Me"

"This Alone"

"On Eagle's Wings"

Song of The Body of Christ

"Holy, Holy, Holy"

"Take Lord, Receive"

"Blessed Sacrament Church"

New York, NY

"Saint Louis de Montfort"

Sound Beach, NY

"Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord"

"San Fernando Cathedral"

San Antonio, TX

"We Come To Your Feast"

"St Joseph's"

New Paltz, NY

"Turn to Me"

"The Prayer"


"Hail Mary, Gentle Woman"

"Holy Child Jesus"

Queens, NY

"Joyful Joyful"

"Night of Silence"

"Queen of Peace"

Hewitt, NJ

Taste and See

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