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LHS 2014 Video Nominations

"Guns or Butter" (SILVER)

by Conner Shapiro, Period 4

"It Depends" (BRONZE)

by Ryan Harpole, period 4

Yellow indicates award winning.

"Nothing is Free" (SILVER)

by Jason Harpole, Period 6

"Opportunity Cost "

by Miguel Chavoya, Period 7

"Factors of Production" (BRONZE)

by Elizabeth Villalobos, Period 7

"Consumer Sovereignty"

by Kiana Gonzalez, Period 7

"Incentives and Institutions"

by Jennifer Sepulveda, Period 5

"Incentives", (SILVER)

by Kayla Erickson, AP Macro Period 6

"Economic Systems" by

Brianna Colmenares, Period 2

"Consumer Sovereignty"

by Matt Dutcher, Period 2

Additional Nominees/Winners

Justin Almazan (Gold)

Stephen Nemeier

Makenzee Pereira


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