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'Lets take a selfie for Lopez's website'

"Have you checked out Lopez's website?"

France joins rest of security council in accusing of endorsing.

Is Lopez working for the CIA or is he possibly even a bi/double agent for the US and Spain?

Did Lopez's x make an attempt on his life by once stuffing him in pumpkin?

Lopez says site will not deliver victory in Iraq but he assures bombs bursting in air for American site visitors.

Is this actual evidence of

Lopez endorsing free speech?

Is advocating the acquisition of human capital the same as endorsing?

Obama, his cell phone, and his pen agree with King of Spain that Lopez's website is an important source of human capital

 to a new source of human capital

'I am the king of Spain, i speak six languages, and I am telling you to check out Lopez's website!"

Lopez again refuses to endorse Mrs Obama's school lunches. He also says there in no shortage of ketchup in E-10!

Underwear models endorse "".

Still not endorsing?

Is simply part of a plan of Lopez's to get on survivor?

"Bad boys" everywhere agree is "bad".

"There is a disturbance in the force that can only be Lopez and his website."

"If you believe is not endorsing than you probably believe this is my real face".

"Lopez is not fooling anyone with his website!"

FLASH!!! Obama finally has a strategy for dealing with Isis/Isil...btw not endorsing.

Not endorsing but someone has finally found out how to explain Obama's Economics



 ^ Turn ON Music

Construction Continues on

Little Lopez's Website or Posters does not endorse drinking any White House Kool Aid

No, does not endorse camel burgers, camel milk, or camel cheese!.

Rediscovered! Lost Video of Lopez in His College Dorm...

"If Lopez can get away with notendorsing why can't I"

Flash Ahead to 2030: Ten years after leaving Liberty, Lopez takes time from partying in South of Spain to notendorse working till you die"

Please note, this website is not associated with any institution or school but is the sole property of Manuel Lopez who has a natural right to free speech protected under the first amendment. While Mr. Lopez does not intend this site to be an endorsement, except as noted please feel free not to access any of the pages or articles, music, quotes, stories, links, and/or  information contained herein if you should deem such material not to your liking.

Empire State Building joins and millions of voters in not endorsing Dems and administration.

Not endorsing the socialist notion that increased regulations are required for increased freedom

Not endorsing boiling frogs or letting our freedom be taken away a few degreees at a time.

Flash Ahead again to 2032: lopezsays he is too busy to endorse any US Presidential candidates.

In not actually endorsing Rivera for President of the Government of Spain, Lopez also does not endorse running for office without clothing.

Lopez builds new teacher website while Obama creates his own system of government.

Are duckings going crazy over

Is it probable or just possible that this is really Lopez dressed as Darth Vadar?

Lopez does notendorse Trump's Hair Stylist

Secret training video of Obama's Dept of Homeland Security Leaked.

Mama Obama endorses carrot sticks, healthy eating, burgers (when no one is looking) and

Not endorsing but still interesting.

But would they endorse

What is the saying about the value of one picture?

"I am notendosing antything of either of these guy's menues" does not endorse attempting to breed Pandas without first investing in some Panda Porn!

"Lopez has a website?"

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