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Notendorsing Hillary

Here are my 100+ Reasons for notendorsing Hillary Clinton

(In no particular order)

1.  The FBI Report: The FBI determined that Hillary repeatedly lied about various issues involving her use of email and protecting the nation's security.  The report showed that Hillary is a liar  who cannot be trusted to tell thre truth to the American People. More importantly Hillary cared more about protecting her own secrets than protecting the secrets and national security of the United States.  Do we really want someone unqualified to pass an FBI security check running our nation?

2. Hillary and Russia: From the start of the Obama administration, Hillary and Obama totally underestimated the threat of Putin's Russia to the interests of the Us and our allies. For example,  her naive "reset" button that actually did not say reset when she met Russia's Foreign Minister for the first time.  This was the moment when Russia realized that they were dealing with amatures in the White House.

3. White House Travelgate: As First Lady, Hillary had the staff of the White House Travel Office fired for the benefit of one of her cronies.

4. The Clinton Options Trading: How did Hillary Clinton use options trading to increase $1,000 to $100,000?  Is the public to believe that Hillary was able to do the impossible but then again she was given "considerations" that others would not have received. Her traders were later fined for giving her "extraordinary" treatment.

5. The Waco Massacre: President Clinton used the power of the Federal Government against a small cult, the Branch Dividians. In the end they were all killed including the children.

6. The Defense of Marriage Act: President signed into law the Defense of Marriage Act permitting states to violate Article IV's Full Faith and Credit Provision to discriminate against gays who have been legally married. This act was subsequenly declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

7. Don't ask don't tell: President Clinton's don't ask don't tell" policy introduced into the military was anoth example of how the Clinton's discriminated against gays while they were in power. Basically gays were welcome in the military as long as they kept their sexuality in the closet.



8. "The Clinton Cash: This documentary alone that details the financial scandals involving the Clintons should give pause to anyone thinking of voting for Hillary. 

9. Clinton Sex Scandals:  Hillary demonized those women who can forward  after being abused and taken advantage of by her husband.

10. White House Pardons: During Bill's last day in office, he pardoned individuals including Marc Rich who was on the FBI most wanted list for years and  who paid Hillary's brother a fee, and made a largfe donation to the Clinton Library. Clinton alsopardoned  his half brother who was a drug dealer. As President, Clinton had also pardoned terrorists that killed several New Yorkers because Hillary felt it would benefit her planned run for the US Senate from NY.

11. Selling uranium resources to Russia.  As Secy of State, Hillary approved Russia's acquisition of a significant interest in US uranium resources. This approval came after her husband received $500,000 for a speech in Russia and it was followed by a $30 million dollar plus donation to the Clinton Foundation.

12. Benghazi Attack and Coverup: Obama and Hillary's foreign policies resulted in a crisis in Liyba and despite pleas for help the ambassador and other Americas were killed. Hillary actively particpated in a cover-up lying to the nation and the families of the dead blaming a video. The President and Hillary were more interested in protecting the president's reelection than in protecting the US and telling the truth to the American people.

13. For Pat Smith: Mother of Sean Smith whose son, Sean was murdered in Beghhazi. Sean left behind two children, Pat's grandchildren. Hillary a mom and grandmother acting in partisan interest lied to this mom and grandmother. As a parent, and as an American I believe Pat's son, Sean was a hero and we owe it to her not to entrust the highest office in the land, and command of our military forces, nor to bestowe  the honors and tributes due a President on such an unqualified person as Hillary Clinton.

14. For saying "What Difference Does it Make"? When being questioned by Congress over Benghazi. The difference it makes Hillary is that Americans died needlessly because of you and obama and we would like to avois another sitaution like this in the future.

15. The Clinton Foundation: Since leaving office, the Clinton's have raised over $2 billion for their "charitable" foundation.  Hundreds of millions have been raised from foreign interests and from politically connected corporations, and groups here in the US.  As little as 10% of the money is actually going to help disadvantaged individuals and groups. For example, in 2013 IRS filings show only 6% of the money raised was spent on charity.  Rather the foundation has served as a means to compensate political  associates of Bill and Hilary and to serve theuir personal interests. For example, the foundation spent millions on Bill's 60th birthday celebrations.

16. Taking Money from Antigay and Antiwomen Countries and groups: The Clintons have no standards when it comes to fundraising for their foundation or themselves. For example, the Foundation has raised tens of millions from Middle eastern nations that throw gays off buildings, oppress women, and forbide Christians and Jews from exercising their religions.

17. Taking money from China:  Even while Secretary of State,  Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton acted as a paid agent of the Chinese government and he was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by Chinese companies, groups, and even the Chinese government for speeches. China has actually been so lucrative in China the Clinton's have set up a Clinton Foundation China as an independent entity controlled yet still controlled by Bill and Hillary. Meanwhile, China is an increasing threat to the Us and our allies in the region including Japan.

18. For the people of Haiti: After the devastating earthquake both Hillary and Bill called on people to help Haiti and to do so by sending even $5 or $10 to their foundation. The realty is little of this money actually got to the Haitian people and the foundation spent a large sum building a textile factory for a friend of Bill. 

19. Kazakstan: Bill Clinton has business relationships with the Dictator of Kazakstan, a nation the US has been critical of for human rights violations. Shortly after Bill visited this nation officially to check on thevstatus of AIDS charities, associates finalized lurative business deals. The Clinton Foundation also profited handsomely receiving $million in donations.

20. North Korea: As President Bill Clinton assured the US that if approve his proposed deal with North Korea would assure the US and the world that north Korea would never secure nuclear weapons. In fact, his deal gave fuinancial assistance to the North Koreans that  helped North Korea ultimately develope nuclear weapons. They are currently estimated to have as many of 20 such weapons and  the threat to the US and our allies in the area has increased. Hillary shares many of the views of Bill, she has indicated she values his insight. Bill's failed policies in dealing with North Korea should give pause who believe Hillary can successfully deal with future threats to the US and its allies. We do not need Hillary to creat another fine mess like North Korea.

21. Iran: The Obama administration in cluding Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's policies with regards to Iran has provided Iran with over $150 billion in funding and relief from economic sanctions that were intended to discourage Iran from securing nuclear weapons. Just as the Clinton administation assured us Noirth korea would never get atomic weapons so to the Obama administration is now making similar claims with regards to the US policy with Iran. The reality is that just as Bill Clinton's policies have increase threats to the US in Asia, the  deal with Iran has likewise icreased threats to the Us and our allies. No sooner was the deal closed than Iran reaffirmed its desire to further its nuclear program, and its support for anti western groups including terrorists.



22. The Affordable Care Act: known as Obamacare, the affordable care act promised the Americabn public that the number of people insured would increase, the cost would decrease by $2500 per family, and everyone would have the same if not better coverage. Something that was impossible. The results have beeen increasing insurance primiums, very large deductables, fines imposed by the IRS, and exchanges losing billions. The Obama administration has taken over over 25% of our economy, the best healthcare system in the world and  in an attempt to move us in the dirrectio of a single payer system undermined our healthcare system and placed the health of the american people at risk.

23. Healthcare mandates: An important principle of America democracy is the belief in limited government. Hillary is a strong supporter of the healthcare mandate in Obamacare. The Government's ability to mandate the purchase of healthcare violates the principle of limited government . In addition it violates the economic principle of the free transaction, one of the four principles of capitalism which is the right of an individual to say no to an unsatisfactory transaction in the marketplace.

24.  Lying on Being Able to Keep Your Healthcare: At least 29 times Obama assured the American peope that under Obamacare if they liked their healthcare they could keep it. Rather the realty is that the same people who argue that no one should come between a woman considering an abortion and her doctor believe the government should be able to come between every American and their healthcare provider. Like a rule written on the side of the barn in Orwell's Animal farm after passage the administration let the America people kknow yes you can keep your healthcare if you like it but only if obama also likes it. Millions subsequently lost their health insurace and were forced to buy unsatisfactory policies with very large deductables and higher premiums.

25. For The Little Sisters of The Poor: The First Amendment to The Constitution assures Americans that Congress shall pass not law prohibiting the free expression of religion. Yet te obama administration has attempted to prohibit religious groups such as the Little Sisters of te poor from exercising their religion and not purchasing birth control. As a supporter of the Constitution of Te United States including te first amendment, and as a Catholic I stand with this Catholic order in opposing this mandate from the administration.


26. Due to how Obamacare has impacted my son, Nicholas and my spouse: My son, under Obamacare is mandated to have healthcare but cannor buy a satisfactory policy with a low deductable and reasonable premium. My spouse is likewise in this situation. Any policy affordable comes with such a large deductable as to render it little more that catastrophic healthcare. Neither Nick or my spouse can expect to incur sufficient medical bills to satisfy the deductables involved.As a result both Nick and my spouse are  going without healthcare and Nick and I are being fined by the administation via the IRS and the fine is being used to subsidize the healthcare of others. Another form of transfering wealth by the government. As a result hardworking individuals are being denied healthcare since they do not have insurance while others subsidized by the government now have access. Studies have also shown that Obamacare subsidies result in individuals using healthcare more, understandably so because  Nick and I are the ones helping to pay for it.

27.  Due to how Obamacare has affected many of my students: Under Obamacare businesses can incur significant financial lilabilities if they have more tan 50 employees and if their employees work over a certain number of hours weekly. As a result, many of my students past and present and even my spouce have seen their weekly hours reduced by their employers in order tro avoid trigering Obamacare penalties. I also do not like the affect that Obamacare has had discouraging hiring and encouraging companies to make due with less workers.

28. Hillary flip Flops and Lies: Hillary's Positions on Numerous Issues has Changed as needed for political reasons. Some were flip flops but a number also included lies and misrepresentations.

28. Those Wall Street Speechs: I personally have little problem with Wall Street but Hillary has tried to have it both ways. While demonizing Wall Street during her campaign she has spent years taking millions in speaking fees  from some of the very banks she is now critical of. To add to this issue, Hillary refuses to share the transcripts of what she discussed with these banks which might have explained the large fees she received.



29. Lying about Bosnia Arrival: Hillary has repeatedkly claimed in the past that as first lady she made a trip to the Bosnia warzone and actually put her life in danger during this trip landing at the airport under fire. This entire episode has been proven a lie. This might be ok for  Brian Williams at NBC but not for a candidate for the Presidency.



30. Hillary favors a $15 Minimum Wage: While I support having minimum wages I believe that rather than raising the mnational minimum wage it should be left to the individual states. increasing the cost of labor decreases its demand thus increasing unemployment. In some states where the economy is very bad further increasing minimum wage will cause additional economic distress. Increasing minimum wage also gives business a disincentive to hire and an incentive to increase productivity icluding using substitutes for workers such as robots and other forms of physical capital. Young people and those with low sklills are hit hardest by these disincentives.  More than doubling the current federal wage will also create inflationary pressures in the economy.

31. Calling for Gun Control: When Dallas Police Officers were murdered by killers using a demonstration for cover Hillary was fast to say that we will not limit the free speech of demonstrators just because a few use this exercise to commit morder. Yet, Hillary and her supporters would limit our 2nd amendment rights because some hide behind this right to likewise commit murder. The gun control issue is also a false issue, many crimes are committed by individuals using other weapons. The Boston bombers used pressure cookers. in germany a terrorist attacked people with an axe. Others are stabbed. Would the DNC limit our ability to purchase axes, knives, or pressure cookers. Also the gun control people are looking to avoid the real issue, what are the circumstances that is causing this violence and why do these circumstances exist?

32. For misrepresenting the Supreme Courts's Heller Decision: In advocating gun control especially semi automatic guns Hillary has indicated she wants to overturn the Heller decision. The Heller decision recognized the natural right to self defense, and that this right was not dependent on the milita clause of the First Amendment. Specifically the decision only dealt with hand guns and not semiautomatic weapons and further the decision recognised the right of government, in this case Washington DC to still regulate guns. The court merely found that in regulating guns you cannot ban all guns, in this case hand guns.

33. For calling for a Constitution Amendment to Limit free Speech and Overturn the Supreme Court's Citizens United Decision: The Supreme Court has long recognized that free speech includes the ability to join associatioins, and/or spend your money in advocation political and nonpolitical issues. The right to free speech in the United States is unequaled in most of the world including Europe and it has been one of the foundations of our democratic system. intended to protect not the speech you agree with with but the speech of those that hold differenrt opinions. Yet the democrats with their long history of opposing freedom now wish to take away the speech of those they oppose. Citizens united recognized the free speech of those organized and associated with corporations. The Dems are not calling for limiting the speech of all corporations including the unions that support them. Rather they wish to limit the free speech of those corporations that they believe generally support republicans.


 34. Hillary opposes lowering the Corporate Tax Rate: At 35% the current Corporate Tax Rate is the highest of all industrialized nations. As a result this tax which is applied to all income even that which was earned oveseas has created an incentive for companies such as Burker King to move their corporate headquarters overseas. rather than correct the problem, Hillary is proposing to simply fine and punish companies that leave as if that will address the issue. So long as companies can save significant sums even in the face of additional fines companies will relocate to move to countries with a more  favorable tax  policy.

35. Hillary plans to significantly increase corporate taxes: In promising to raise taxes on the rich and on corporations Hillary will risk further damaging the US economy costing Americans jobs and the nation economic growth. If the current huigh corporate tax rates are driving companies like Burker King out of the country what will be the result of increasing these taxes further?

36. Hillary plans to increase taxes on the "rich": Individual in the top income brackets in the US now pay the majority of all income taxes.For example the top 2.7% of  income pay over 51% of all federal income taxes while the 62% as a group paid less than 6% of the total federal income taxes. Individuals in higher income brackets are a major source of investment capital. Increasing taxes on these individuals reduces  the investment capital available for creating and  expanding businesses. Increases these taxes will simply reduce economic growth and job creation.

37: Fast and Furious: The Obama/Clinton administration illegally shipped hundreds and possibly thousands of automatic weapons to Mexican Drug cartels. These shipments which violated US gun laws have resulted in the deaths of several hunred Mexicans as cwell as at least one US Border official. While The Obama administration initally lied to Congress as to their knowledge of this program, they later changed their story once evidence showing their lies was found by Congress.  Eric Holder ultimately claimed that misleading and lying are not the same thing. For a President and presidential candidate so committeed to gun control in the US, its totally hipocritical to have run this program.


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38. President's claims that our lack of gun control was killing Mexicans: President Obama had the nerve to campaign for gun control claiming that our lack of such controls was allowing drug cartels to get guns in the US that were killing Mexicans south of the border. What the President failed to say was that this knowledge was based on the fact the his administration had first hand knowledge because they were in fact the source of these weapons. The President also failed to explain that there were already laws on the books that were intended to prevent these sales but that his administration choose to disregard the law.

39. IRS Scandal: America now knows that prior to Obama's reelection campaign te IRS was used to actively target over 400 American groups suspected of oppposing the President reelection. These companies came under IRS investigation. President Nixon's use of the IRS was one of the articles of impeachment that he faced in Congress. The allegations against Nixon pale in comparison to the Obama's misuse of the IRS.

40. Lois Lerner: The Dept of Justice under the Obama administration has refused to act against Lois Lerner the IRS official at the heart of the IRS Scandal.

41. Violations of Separation of Powers: An important principle of our government is that we have separation of powers. Each of te three branches, executive, legislative, and judicial play a specific role under our Constitution. The Legislative branch makes the law, the executive executes or carries out the law, and the judicial interprets the laws. The Obama administation has on numerous occassions violated this principle usurping the legislative powers of the Congress.

42. Violations of the Rule of Law: In 1215 the Magna Carta established te principle of the Rule of Law as opposed to the Rule of Man, formerlly of the king. as a result laws passed by a legislative body are to be followed by all individuals. Repeated;ly during his administation however, President Obama has substituted the Rule of Man for the Rule of Law. From Welfare to immigration, to Obamacare, the law has changed to confirm to the desires of President Obama. For example Obama has on his own informerly amended Obamacare over 35 times radically changing the scope and application of this law without any amendments being passed by the legislative branch.

43. Unconstitutional Recess Appointments: The US Constitution requires the President to get the advise and consent of the US Senate for his appointments. Obama clearly violated the US Constitution seeking to place individuals on the National Labor Relations Board without Senate Confirmation. The US Supreme Court subsequently ruled 9 to 0 that these appointments were unconstitutional.



44. The Record Number of Americans renouncing Their Citizenship: A record number of Americans are now renouncing their US citizenship which means that the current state of our nation thanks to this administration has sent Americans heading for the exits. the loss of these citizens with their hunam capital undermines our economy given that many of their are in the highest income brackets.

45. This Picture Says it All; I remember as a child hearing that "Freinds of a feather flock together". Well here we have one of the worst presidents in history embracing Hillary who has pledged to continue Obama's efforts to transfore America. The only problem is, I do not ewant to live in a socialist Venezula.

46: Hedge Funds: The Democrats constantly talk about the rich needing to pay their fair share of taxes yet they vote against and prevent meaningful tax reform that might result in their friendly donor hedge fund managers paying higher taxes or taxes at all. Its no surprise that while Hillary rants against these rich tax cheaters, they continue to write heafty checks to hillary and her friends on the left. At this point in the election, Hillary has received over $48,500,000 from these hedge funds while Trump has received  only $19,000. paragraph. Isn't it obvious !

47. Solyndra: The Obama administration gave hundreds of millions in loan guarantees to Solynda as part of their program of encouraging solar and wind industries. Ignoring the fact that many of these companies were not deemed viable enough to secure funding on Wall Street, Obama has poured tens of billions into the solar and wind power  industries. Many of these companies ultimately filed for bankrupcy once the gov meney ran out leaving the tax payer holding the bag and responsible for these debts.

48. Solar Scam: The Demorcatic party including Hillary and her ilk have participated in a scam that coiuld have been insired by the producers. Put on a show, raise lots of money selling shares, then after making yours, watch the show fold. Countless companies have been set up by Leftist cronies that have to date received over $100 billion only to see these companies fold. The individuals then go on and create a new company and scam the taxpayers again. Did I forget to mentoion that before folding the companies make donations to the campaigns of important democrats such as Obama and Hillary and entities such as the Clinton Foundation. Other imnportant Demorcats serve on the boards of these companies, lend their efforts to their promotion, or play other principle roles. These invidividuals include Mr. Global warming himself, Al Gore, the former dem gov of New Mexico, Richardson, and other who names would be well known to most Americans. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

49. Taking Solar Scam International:  Imagine running a scam and then franchising that scam overseas. Well just as the Clinton Foundation has given birth to similar foundations branches in China and elsewhere, the democrats behind the solar company scams here in the US have gone international. While still using US tax dollars to fund these companies the scope and scale has gone far beyond Solyndra. For example, Abengoa a Spanish company has gone bankrupt taking over $3 billion in US taxpoayer money. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

50. Export Import Bank: Democrats and even some Republicans who practice and support crony capitalism support the US Export Import bank claiming it helps financie American business interest spuring economic growth and job creation. In reality, this bank funds crony companies connected to both political parties and it also serves as a bank channel for diverting funds to favored busineses and companies. For example the bank lost over $100 million by supporting Spanish company Abengoa (See Reaon #49 above. Obama had opposed the bank until he realized the political benefit of this bank.

51: Those Obama Phones: The Dems and OIbama took a federal program intended to help poor families have minimal phone service and made this program into a way to buy votes in swing states during his reelection campaign. By advertising the program in select areas using government funds and then making sures that as many people as possible in certain demographic groups received these phone the president created a strong incentive to secure needed votes and his reelection. The resulting cost to the taxpayers will continue long after Obama finally departs the White House.  .

52: The Phone Cover-up: Officials in the administration admit they were aware of the increasing fraud in the Obama phone program but that they were instructed to remain silent even as the program was being expanded by obama to help secure his reelection.

53. The war on coal: Hillary is committed to comtinuing Obama's war on the coal industry which will put tens of thousands of Americans out of work while driving up energy prices. Already major coal companies have declared bankrupcy resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in  losses to investors, pension funds, and others. Many of the regulations being used to destro this industry are coming out of the epa.

54. Dishonesty on where energy costs are headed: Motivated in large part by their global warming, the sky is falling  insanity, the Democratic party has been totally dishonesrt with regards to the ultimate cost to te consumer of their war on fossil fuels. The  cost of solar and wind is significantly higher that the cost of fossil fuels and those nations such as Spain that are further down this path of economic stupidity should be a warning to anyone thinking of voting Democratic. Energy costs are so high in Spain that hall lights in many building are kept of motion detectors that require people to literally run to their rooms or apts before the lights go out. Many families have seen their standard of living drop significantly as energy prices have in some cases tripled. As the initial government subsidies that helped mislead the public decline further the impact will only worsen on those least able to meet the coist of liberal energy policies, the low income and the poor.

55. The Green Jobs Lie: The left is always promising an economic bonanza  in Gree jobs as we move away from fossil fuels and other now politically incorrect industries. Hillary has actually visited coal country promising that the demise of coal at Obama and her hands will ultimately leave the area better off because of all the new green jobs tat will be created. The reality however is anything but promising. long term studies in the very countries obama and Hillary say we should be using as examples show that each of those gren jobs typically cost 2 plus other jobs in the economy. Remove government subsidies and other incentives and it becomes much worse.

56. The DNC Convention: The Dems might label the Republican Convention as dark, but the Dem Convention was fantasy land where up is down and down is up. No mention of terrorists seeking to wage war on western civilization  and increasingly claiming innocent lives. I guess the Dems would rather not speak of how the jv team is winning. Once again reverting to the playbook of attacking the character of a republican candidate because they wish to avoid talking issues the public saw a bankrupt party seeking to rewite history and escapre responsibility for its failures. Hearing Hillary talking about the need to address so many problems its surprising she wishes to be Obama's third term. That last minute stanged patriotism could not hide the fact that this is the party that booed mention of God at their last convention and if anything theyy have gone further to the left side of reality.

57. The Democratic Party's History; the Democratic Party has a long sad history of supporting slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and Segregation. In fact it would not be untruthful to call the Democratic Party the Party of the Slave owners. President Jackson, a early Democratic President labelied "The People's President" was a slave owner of the worst kind using physical torture to punish and terrorise his slaves.Another "great" Democratic President Wilson was openly racist. Wilson, hailed by the party as a great progressive adopted numerous policies against black Americans. Those governors standing in school house doors, the KKK, the Jim Crow Laws, all democratic. The republican party in contrast was started by abolitionists and the first Republican President, Lincoln freed the slaves.

58. Ratification of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution: The Democratic party opposed the ratification of the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments which abolished slavery, made African Americans citizens, and lastly gave black men the right to vote. Only two democrats voted in fovor the the 13th Amendment and not a single democrat in congress voted to ratify either the 14th or 15th Amendment. This as not surprising given that the Democrats on the Supreme Court wre responsible for the pre civil war Dred Scott decision saying that a black could not be a citizen.

 59. For The Party's Filibustering of AntiLynching Legislation: Recently I heard a young black man demonstrating with the group Black Lives Matter complaining to a newsreporter that for a long time the Us made no efforts to stop the killing of blacks in our society. I wonderd if tis young man, most likely a democrtat if registered knew who was responsible for preventing federal anti-lynching laws becoming law. ADuring a period of history when over 43,500 African Americans and over 1,000 White Republicans were lynched in The United States, Republicams introduced and in many cases passed bills against lynching. None of these bills ever reached a President's desk to become law because each of these attempts failed in the Senate because of fillibustering by democratic Party Senators.

60. DNC Racism: The Democratic party works hard to hide their very racists history but the DNC email scandall shows that racism remains alive and well in the party. For example, in making reference toi fundaising in the Hispanic Community the email show that Dem party insiders refered to these events as Racist History of the DNC . Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

61. Hillary lying again, this time that the FBI found she did not lie and her short circuit comment: In august, after the conventions were over, Hillary was again confronted with her lies regarding the emails she kept on a personal server. Despite that fact that most of the country has heard what the FBI said regarding her repeated lies she claimed in am interview that the FBI had in fact stated that she had not lied. She attributed the controvery to her having "short circuited" answers when questioned. Is that what Dems are now calling lies? Short circuited answers.

62. Hillary carelessly puts people at risk and has resulted in some deaths: Benghazi, is not the only place that people have died because of Hillary's carelessness. For example, we know that some of the emails compromised because of her careless use of an illegal server identified US agents overseas. We also know that at least one of these agents has since been executed for spying for the US. 

63. Laureate University: Hillary likes to point to Trunp University as a scam but both Hillary and her husband, Bill have made millions thanks to for profit Laureate University. Bill received over $16 million in compensation for an honorary position at this bogus university at the same time hs wife as Secretary of State was diverting $55 milllion in government funds to this for profit university. While students, amny foreign and/or low income were ripped off for hundreds of millions, the Clintons laughed all the way to the bank and Hillary intends to keep laughing a;ll the way into the White House. Clintons used shell companies to hide payments to Bill and many investors in this "university" include Dem conribnutors such as George Soros.

64. Hillary's Promise to Make Bill an Advisor: Hillary has repeatedly said that Bill Clinton, only the 2nd President in history to be impeached will be her most important advisor. Lets remember that Hillary already has a problem with the truth never mind having as her top advisor a former president impeached in part for lying under oath.

65: The danger of Hillary and dems taking control of the Suporeme Court: the Democrats like to accuse Republicans of misusing the Federal Judiciary and actually having litmas tests for federal judges. Yet the reality is that if anything its the Dem party that has done both of these things during the history of our nation. For example prior to the Civil War the Dems used their Senators to prevent abolitionists judges holding a majority of the Supreme Court. This permitted the Dems to prevent antislavery legislation and resulted in decisions such as Dred Scott.

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Subsequent Dem controlled Supreme Courts legalized segregation in decisions such as Plessy v Furgenson.  If the Dems take the court, we can expect a Dem majority to reverse decisions such as Heller (protecting second amendment rights), Citizens United (protecting free spech), and Hobby (protecting religious liberty) to be reversed. Hillary has also said that she will have a litmus test for Federal Judicial nominees.

66. For Hillary's 1975 defense of  a 40 year old man accused of raping a 12 year old girl: Using technicalities and demonizing 12 year old victim who she said fantasized about older men to get an accused rapist aplea bargain so he could avoid a long prison sentence. Hillary later admitted she knew her client was guilty of this rape at the time she represented him.

67. The Clinton's Millions: When the Clintons left the White House they claimed that they were "dead broke". Yet during a period which included the worst recession since the Great Depression, the Clinton's have ammassed a fortune estimatd at over $100 million. Did they earn this money in the marketplace creating a product or building a business that created jobs for American? No, rather they earned this money here in the Us and abroad selling access and influence. With a net worth 459 times the average American net worth, Hillary seeks to secure American votes citing income inequality and saying the system is "unfair".Hundreds of millions more are stashed away in the Clinton Foundation.

67: Outsourcing: In attempting to out Socialist, the socialist Bernie Sanders Hillary has now taken positions question various trade agreements and raising issues about manufacturing that has moved overseas. The Democrats are actually running advertising against Trump on this issue pointing out that many of his products are in fact manufactured overseas. As an economists I support the economic freedom of companies to seek efficient manufacturing and increased productivity even when this results in outsourcing. Yet, I fault Hillary for taking a politically correct anti outsourcing position contrary to her past positions on this issue. Great efficiency and increased productivity results in a higher standard of living for americans and for individuals in other nations.Hilary should be honest and take a consistant and truthful position on the question of outsourcing!

68. Terrorist Dad: He says he was invited by the Clinton Campaign staff, she says that they were unaware of his attendance. Either way it was highly insensitive to the families of the Orlando Nightclub terrorist attack to have the dad of the terrorist sitting behind Hillary at a camp[aign speech.

69. Hillary's Bobby Kennedy Reference: During the 2008 campaign, Hillarey invoked Bobby Kenedy's assassination during the 1968 primaries as a reason why she was remaining in the race even after Obama appeared to have secured the party's presidential nomination. Hearing Hillary accuse Trump of hinting that a second amendment support use a gun to stop her rings hollow when you consider her comments aboutyObama's possible assassination.

70. Hillary's Chutzpah: Hillary' has the chutzpah/audacity to just simply lie or live in a state of denial with regards to the constant stench of corruption that seems to be inherent in their political lives. its as if a person sitting at a table who is passing gas questions those who say that there is a stench in the room. Unfortunately for them, the America people have a good sense of smell and they simply do not pass the stink test.

71. Hillary's Wall: Hillary, Obama, and other Democrats are quick to ridicule Trump's plan to build a wall to protect the US. Yet, three times as President Obama has had improvements made to the fewce/wall around the White House and the Presidential retreat is also protected by fences and walls, not to mention secret service guards armed with guns. Hillary likewise sees the benefit of a "really high" eight foot fence around her mansion in NY while saying fences do not work and she strongly opposes a wall to protect Americans in general.


72. The Iranian Scientist Executed:  Her possible connection to execution in Iran of scientist: Iran executed by hanging a scientist mentioned by name in Hillary's unprotected emails. The Iranians accused this scientist of being a US spy, and Hillary may have been the one to provide the evidence.


73: Misusing the State Department and Her Position in the cabinet: as a result of a freedom of information lawsuit several emails somehow ommitted by Hillary were released by the state depantments. These emails which Hillary failed to submitv earlier indicate that donors and individuals connected to the Clinton Foundation were given special considerations including jobs in the administration. Fior example the emails show how the state depot was asked to help a clinton foundation donor.

74. The State Dept and the Isreali Elections: The State Dept assisted and then sought to cover up US efforts to influence the results of elections in Isreali. State Dept funds were channeled to supposedly neutral groups and organizations in Isreali that then used these monies against the ruling party in Isreal that Obama disliked.The legality of some of these payments may have violated US laws.

75. Shovel Ready Jobs: Her we go again, A democratic candidate for President promising to fund infrastructure projects that will create jobs and claiming the jobs are all shovel ready to start. Obama used this promise as an incentive to win blue collar voters only to admit afterwards that these jobs did not actually exists. He also diverted most of his almost $trillion into political funding rather than infrastructure spending. Hillary is here again using that same tried and true lie to voters.

76. Demonizing Police: Clinton has continued to echo the Obama administration's misleading protrait of our police as waging aracist war against young black men. This convient way to justicy extending federal jurisdiction via civil rights lawsuits and justice dept threats is if anything further increasing the loss of black lives. As a result, police depts are seeing increased crime rates including murder in many of our inner cities. If Clinton really cared for these lives she would support efforts to reduce crime and create oppotunities for our citizens in these cities, most of which are controlled by the Democrats.

77. The scope of the influence peddling: The scope of influence peddling in which donations from foreign groups and governments made donations to the Clinton Foundation and/or paid Bill Clinton for speeches and themn received in turn special favors from the state department are shocking to say the least. Various aspects of US foreign policy were actually determined as a result of these "donations"

78. George Soros: While democrats like to make hay pointing out and demonizing the Koch brothers' support of various republicans, the dems have their own billionaire puppeteer, George Soros. This billionaire supporter of leftist causes and a man who makes millions underminging various governments is a major supporter of Hillary Clinton. The recent hacking of various Soros emails illustrates how he seeks to undermine the US by supporting with his wealth various groups including Black Lives Matter.


79. Ramson for Hostages in Iran: As part of her campaign as Obama's third term, Hillary has supported Obama's notion that the recent payment of $400 million to Iran was not ransom for hostages. The only problem is the administration was caught in a lie and the facts show the money was paid contingent on the hostages' release.

80. A No Fly Zone in Syria and Possible Conflict with Russia: Hillary backs establishing a no fly zone over Syria is an area where the Russian Air Force is currently active. Is this her idea of resetting our remationship with Russia, possibly shooting down their planes over Syria. Remember that Turkey shot down a Russian plane last year with the advance knowledge and apparent approval of the US/NATO.

81. Destruction of Columbian Rain Forest: As a part of Clinton's Cash for favors, Hillary used her influence to get one of the Clinton Foundation's major contributors the license to harvest lumber from Columbia's Rain Forest. I guess Hillary's enviromentalism is only exceeeded by her greed for cash. Prima Columbia Forest got the permit to cut down rain forests to export lumber to China. This story is about 7 minutes into the video below.)

82: Hillary's Ill Health: Its public knowledge that Hillary has suffered from a blood clot in her brain that affected her vision. Appparently she also has a condition that requires restaing against pillows when seated as evidenced in the photos in the article below. She also might be having diffibulty standing and walking. During her recent trip to Scranton, PA with the VP, Hillary consistantly held onto railings, chairs, tables, and evemn the VP during the photo op. Her campaign schedule also includes regular days off sometimes limiting her to only 4 days per week. Is she up to the physicasl demands of the presidency?

83. For supporting the Organization Black Lives Matter: Its totally understandable to be concerned over the circumstances that so many of the nation's African Americans and less fourtunate citizens are confronted with in their lives. Likewise most Americans recognize past inhustice in our society. Black lives Matter however, is a divisive organization that acts to undermine law and order and respect vfor our police. The organization is n better than those that seek to use crime statistics to build up passions against certain groups in our society. To date BLM has raised over $100 million from individuals and groups such as George Soros who seek to undermine the values of our society. Hillary's campaign is funded by many of these same groups and individuals. Just as no minority should be generalized, neither should our " whites" and police should be generalized just because she is seeking to pander to a group of important democrat voters. Rather than being victimized by the police, minorities are disproportionally arrested because of the circumstances that minorities are more likely to find themselves in, circumstances that are the result of policies largely supported in the past by the Democratic party.

84. Opposing Choice in Education: For a party that claims it is prochoice, once you move away from birth control and abortion, the story changes quickly. For example, Obama, Hillary, and the deomcratic party oppose voucher and other programs meant to provide inncer city students with a choice in Education. While Obama, Jess Jackson, The Clintons, and most Democratic politicians send their children to private schools they oppose giving inner cities families any options for their child. Locking our youth, largely minority in failing schools that continue to produce children unanble to read and write unable to compete in the marketplace and destined for a future of limited oportunity.

85: Using the D of J Against our Schools: Last year during the debate over transgender students use of lockerroom and restroom facilities, Obama's justice dept wrote all our public school threatening legal action from the Dept of Justice against any school that does not bend to the President's personal will on this issue. Nor was this the first time the D of J threatened actions against schools. Public schools are now being monitored with regards to discipline actions taken against students and open defiance is no longer actionable undermining order and discipline itself. To stress its intent, the DoJ letters include case studies of specific cases of when they went after school districts.

86. Simply because I stand with our Police: Each day tens of thousands of policemen and women assume responsibility for protecting the American police. In some of our cities they are all that stand between the citizens and anarchy. Yet increasingly they are demonized by the left and candidates such as Hillary Clinton seeking to poander to various interest groups and organizations such as Black Lives Matter. Given the increased divisions in the nation as a result of this current administration the job of our police is increasing difficulty and subject to intense second guessing. While I agree that excessive force is sometimes used, if forced to choose sides I will stand with the police and those who seek to maintain law and order. 

87: The increasing,ly political intolerance of the left: I cannot support those who would deny any americans their rights to free speech and association. Increasingly on our college campuses the left is seeking to silence those who they disagree with. How many times has our Community Organizer in Chief President said that the debate on climate change is over as if to lend his voice to those who deny opponents a right to their opinions. This current campaign season for the presidency has witnessed numerous attacks and assults on those who happen to support candidates such as Trump.  a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

88. Playing the Gender Card: In appealing for women to vote for her simply because she is a woomen, Hillary is playing a sexist gender card. In choosing to vote for a candidate, I believe one should select the best person for the job regardless of gender or race. If Trump were to appeal to men for their votes solely because of his gender you can be sure that the media woould label this sexist yet that is exactly what Hillary and her supporters are suggesting. 

89: Her  "friend and mentor" Robert Byrd. When Byrd doed that is how Hillary described Robert Byrd, the former Democratic Senate Majority Leader. Can you imagine the outcry from Hillary =, the left, and the media if there was a video of Tump ssaying that a forner leader of the KKK was his "Friend and mentor"? Yret that is exactly who Byrd was and how Hillary described this racist Democratic Senator.

90. The Klan Commercial Against Trump: During a week in which new info on the Clinton Foundation and "Pay for Play" emerged, the Clinton campaign released a new commercialagainst Trump. The comercial is ntended to make Trump appear racists because certain individuals in the Klan movement might vote for him. Given the histry of the democratic party and hillary's own links to the klan via her ":friend and mentor" Robert Byrd this commercial smacks of despiration to stop a drop in the public's support for Hillary. I guess her campign slogan might as well be "I am a liar but at least I am not a racist". unforunately the facts might actually show she is a liar and actually she is the one who is a racist. Remember her comments about young African-Americans during her husband's presidency? .

91. The FBI's Summary Report: While some clain the summary provided no surprises, this report again points out the careless way in which Hillary  and her staff treated national security secrets. The report inicates Hillary who was Secretary of State claimed only limited knowledge on the meaning of "classified" and that she mistook marking documents for secret for an attempt to alphabetize documents.  The report paints a picture of an official who would have difficulty knowing what is known so far securing a top secret clearance.

92. Trying to Buy the White House: Its a little known fact that Democratic Party Candidates frequently outspend Republican ones even though Dems try to paint the republican Party as the Party of the Rich. In both his campaigns for the White House, Obama had more than $100 million more than his opponent to use in seeking election. The Clintons  who long ago perfected the money machine of politics for example raising more than $2 bilion for their "foundation" know exactly where the money is and how to get it. So while the Trumjp campaign seeks to glide on free press coverage, the Clinton campaign is well greased and oil with tens of millions from hedge fundss, those in the solar global warming racket, and from thre Holywood crowd. If Hillary cannot win the White House by earning the trust of the American people or by her ideas for the future perhaps she can buy it spending hundreds of millions to demonize Trump and buy fear in the hearts of a majority of Americans regarding a possible Republican victory. 

93. Avoiding The Press: In a democratic system it is one of the reposibilities of the press to keep the public informed and to question our political leaders. Perhaps its this "getting to the truth" that has Hillary a known champion of lies and misrepresentations away from the press. For over 200 days Hillary has avoided holding a press conference and as more people quyestion her honesty she is also increasingly avoiding the public.

94. Hillary sold a Seat on National Security Board of US Government:  Hillary sponsored and helped an individual with no experience or knowledge in the area of national security get on the national security board. Why, because this individuals was a major donor to Hillary. How did this man make his wealth, puire speculation on Wall Street.

95. Labeling Trump Supports "Deplorable": While the Democrats and Hillary fault Trump's past descriptions of various groups they seem to have no problem with generalizing and labeling others themselves. Hillary has called those millions of Americans who are Trump supporters "Deplorable" and has sought to paint them as fanatics and racists, sexists, etc.

96. Equating saying you want to "Make America Great Again" as racists: Bill and Hillary who in the past ha e campaigned for office claiming they wanted to "make America great again" are now accusing the Republicans as using this same slogan as a racist signal to certain while groups in the South, In addition to insulting whites and southerners it makes one wonder how the Clintons can be so certain of this ill intent, could it be that that was their intent in the past? 

97. Chelsea Friendgate: While Secretary of State, Hillary used her position to set up meetings and steer government contracts to one of Chelsea's best friends.

98. FBI "Side deals" during email investigation: The Congress ultimately uncovered various immunity deals and even "side deals" with principals connected with Hillary and her use of a private email system while Secretary of State. These side deals limited the FBI's investigation and loaded the deck for not taking criminal action against Hillary.

99. Anti-Catholicism:  Anoungst the emails leaked from the DNC and the Clinton Campaign were several clearly anti-catholic detailing how the Hillary  Campaign together with other Dems had created a phony Catholic group to support their agenda and undermine  the authorities in the Catholic Church. The emails also ilustrate strong anti-catholic bias. As a result, the Archbishop of Philadelphia catergorized the choice this election as between a man of poor character and a woment anti-catholic and against freedom of religion. Little need to say more.

100. The Band Memo: Clinton Foundation Associate Doug Band responed to questions over his value to the Foundation by authoring a 12 page memo detailing how he has helped the Clintons increase their personal walth by approximately $116 million through his work for the Clinton Foundation. Illustrating how the organized efforts of the Foundation, which gives only 6% of its income to the poor actually is intended  to further the personal wealth and interest of the Clinton Family.

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