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"The Door"

The outside of the door to my classroom, E-10 at Liberty was painted several years ago by two AHA/PADA Academy students. The door tells the story of my life going from lower right up to the top. My family comes from a small village, Alhama in the south of Spain where we have lived since 1573. The tower represents the church bell tower in Alhama.  The grapes (12) represent the twelve grapes all Spaniards including my family eat on New Years Eve for "good luck". The ship, taken fron my favorite Dali "Colon's Discovery of America" symbolizes the journey to the new world/a new life in America. In America we came to Brooklyn (The New York Skyline) but I ultimately traveled as an adult to CA (the beach and license plate). The two flags that of the US and Spain represent my dual citizenship/personality.

My actual California Car License Plate

In the door's window there is a miniature Ca license plate with my name along with a sticker from the HRC.

The license is because as a child I could not get one for my bicycle because of my name "Manuel" but I can now. (today's society is more inclusive). The HRC sticker is because I support rights for all. Under social contract theory (John Locke) the majority cannot deny a minority any right that the majority itself enjoys.

Historic Picture of Alhama's Church's Bell Tower

Dali's "Colon"

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