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Rembrant Tooth Paste

Movie: "The Dead Poet's Society"

We live during a period of american History when the country is increasingly polorized and intolerant. On both the right and the left we are confronted with individuals and groups seeking to bully, harrass, intimidate, and pressure others to conform to their beliefs and policies. For example, many suipports of the theories of  Global Warming insist that there can be no other position, that the debate is over, and that listening or tolerating other opinions puts our planet at risk. Others assure us of certainities such as election outcomes and then when confronted with that which was deemed not possible they retreat into fear and obstruction. In addition, groups which were once themselves the target of oppression have now become the thought and language police. The Dead Poet's Society illustrates what happens sometimes to those that not only fail to conform but encourage others to challenge the thought and language police. Btw, using possessives such as saying their or his is not just meant to convey possession but it can also be identifying such as "hi, meet John's wife" or "no he was her husband", and finally "is that their house?" Regardless, get over it.

"The World's Best"

The Best Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers

My personal  search of a great hamberger/cheeseburger. For a long time, most of life in fact I have been disguested with the pressed hamberger patties used by most fast food restraurants. Very similar to the sole of an old shoe, these patties are found all to common in American cruisine. In fact its not unusual to be invitted to a family barbaecue only to be served grilled and burned shoe leather.


Recently I embarked on a determined and lengthy search to find a real juicy hamberger/cheeseburger and I was pleasantly surprised to find that several eateries provide such fare. Needless to say if its a real burger that you seek its a real price that you will pay because these burgers will obviously cost you more than those of the shoe leather variety. I have rated the burger with 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest pickel slices. So here is my initial find in no particular order:


Red Robin: A decent burger but I found the bun lacking because my selection was on something called a chubata roll. In my opinion the primary purpose of the roll is not to fill your mouth with bread but to afford you s way to hold the burger without getting you hands too greesy. This said they do offer other burgers served on more "reasoinable" rolls. I give this burger 2 pickel slices.



Bj;s A far better burger than Red Robin. The roll is soft, the burger juicy. I typically order this Burger with Cheddar and Bacon but without Mayo and Lettuce. Another difference is I like to preceed the burger with an order of stuffed mushrooms and have mashed potatoes in lieu of fries with the burger.  4 pickel slices


Fudruckers:  A number 1 (1/2 poinder) with mushrooms with a side order of wedge fries to dip in their cheese sauce is a nice side trip in Walnut Creek.  3 pickel slices



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