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Suggested Reading List

(Books I have read several times)

Government/Political Science

"Democracy in America"

by Alexis de Tocqueville

"Horton Hears a Who!"

by Dr. Seuss

"Animal Farm"

by George Orwell

"Dictatorships and Double Standards"

by  Jeane J. Kirkpatrick


"Naked Economics,

Undressing the Dismal Science"

by Charles Wheelan

"More Sex is Safer Sex,

The Unconventional Wisdon of Economics"

by Steven Landsburg"

"An Empire of Wealth"

by John Steele

"Popular Economics"

by John Tamny

"Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism"

By William J Baumol


The Japanese Imperial Conspiracy"

by David Bergamini

"The Guns of August"

by Barbara Tuchman

"A People's History of The United States"

by Howard Zinn

"The Crown of Mexico"

by Joan Haslip

"The Kings Depart"

by Richard Watt

"Decent Interval"

by Frank Snepp

"The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich"

by William Shirer

"Elenor and Hick, The Love Affair"

By Susan Quinn

"The Definning Moment"

By Jonathan Alter


"The Republic"

by Plato

"Just and Unjust Wars"

by michael Walzer


by Michael Walzez


"Empire" "the Life, legend, and Madness of Howard Hughes"

by Donald Barlett

"Benedict Arnold, Patriolt and Traitor"

by Willard Randall

"The Trial and Execution of Socrates"

By Plato

"Alexander Hamilton"

by Willard Randall


by Paul Preston

"Juan Carlos,

A People's King"

by Paul Preston

"The Last Kaiser"

by Giles MacDonogh

"Isabella of Castille"

by Nancy Rubin

"Empire, Life of Howard Hughes"

By Donald L.Barlett


"The Good Earth"

by Pearl S Buck

"The Grapes of Wrath"

by John Steinbeck

"King Rat"

by James Clavell

"The Martian Cronicles"

by Ray Braybury

"All Quiet on The Western Front"

by Erich Remarque

"The Way of The Peaceful Warrior"

by Dan Millman

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