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"You never know when one kind act or word of encouragement can change a life forever"

Zig Zigler

Do not listen to those who tell you are a chicken.

They are just chickens looking for company or afraid that you will soar above them You are an Eagle!, Fly!


The Principle of Eagles

"How Eagles Overcome Challenges"

Two Stories

The Eagle Who Thought He Was a Chicken

One day a chicken farmer came across an eaglet that had fallen from a nest in a tree. The farmer brought the eaglet home and raised it with his flock of chickens. Having been cared for and fed by the farmer along with the chickens, as the eagle matured it came to believe that it too was only a chicken. Sadly the eagle spent the remainder of its life eating the feed thrown onto to ground by the farmer and never having soared high above the trees. Are you listening to those who tell you that you are a chicken? That you should be content simply to feed on what others, including the government throw you way. Are you willing to give up your dreams to soar high?



The Eagle Who Knew He Was Not Simply A Chicken

Unbeknownst to the farmer who found that small eaglet, there was a second eaglet that likewise had fallen from the same nest. This eaglet too was found by a chicken farmer who brought the eaglet home and raised it with his flock of chckens.  As the eagle matured however this farmer told the eaglet that he was not a chicken but rather an eagle who someday would leave the flock and soar high above the trees. The farmer never stopped reminding the eaglet of its destiny and frequently the farmer would raise the eaglet up towards the sky and have it flap its wings in preparation for the day it would fly. The day came all to quickly when the farmer raised the eagle up towards the sky and said "fly!" and the eagle soared. Thereafter,  whenever the farmer saw an eagle soaring above the treetops he would smile in the knowledge of an eagle that achieved its destiny due in large part to his care and encouragement

The Lesson of Eagle Rebirth

The Importance of A positive Attitude

Never Give Up

"On Conformity"

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