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Welcome to NY

(Tips and Imformation for Visiting New York City?

 New York City


(New York's Best Deli on the Upper East Side, 78th and Broadway)

McSorley's Old Ale House

(New York's Oldest Bar near Washington Square/NYU

South Street Seaport

On Lower East Side Not Far From Manhattan side of The Brooklyn Bridge

"Little Italy"

Not Quite Downtown, Little Italy Remains a Special area in the City known for Italisn festivals, restaurants, and shops.


For several years I worked at 1250 Broadway, a mere block from this pub and I often had lunch here. My favorite was the Chicken Cordon Blue. close to Macy's and Herald Square on 31st Strret Between Broaway and 6th.

Located on 14th Street a short distance from 8th Ave and an easy place to reach by Subway I visit this club whenever I am in NY. You can find the building easily given the Spanish Flag displayed outside and there are two restaurants both in the basement. The fancier and full menued is on the right as you enter the basement. I actually enjoy earting in the rear bar area with a more "relaxed" and Spanish bar atmosphere.

Tourist and Historic Sites

Forget the Empire State Building, New yorkers know the best views of the skyline are from the top of the Rock in Rockerfeller Center. reservations strongly recommended but worth it!

Federal Hall, Trinity Church, and Francis Tavern

The Site of the Wall Trade Center has become a pilgrimage site for Americans but a sort walk away is Federal Hall (the First US Capital Building, Trinity Church, Where washington Worshipped, and Francis tavern where Washington bide his offericers farewell after the Revolutionary War. Area also includes City Hall, Art Deco Woolworth Building, long time tallest building in the World, The NY Stock Exchaange, St Paul's Chapel, and Castle Clinton in Battery Park. South Street Seaport with its historicships and shops also nearby. Also nearby is the Brooklyn Bridge that you can walk across and Staten Island Ferry which passes the Statue of Liberty

Recognized from the Movie Home Alone, New Yorkers like to visit the lobby of this famed hotel located on 5th Ave near the entrance of Central Park.

Something more typical at a ski resort, the Rosevelt Island Tram located on the upper east side of NYC provides great views of the city as you glide over the east river parallel to the 59th street bridge.

The New York Stock Exchange

History of Ellis Island

The Brooklyn Bridge

Special Foods New Yorkers Eat

Pastries and Cookies: New Yorkers love to shop in bakeries esp Italian for cookies and pastries.



Breakfast Sandwiches: Most New Yorkers grab a breakfast sandwaich, egg on a roll with cheese and bacon, ham, or sausage most mornings  at any deli in thre city. New York "Kaiser" rolls are different from rolls elsewhere.



Cheesecake: New Yorkers have two favoirite cheesecakes, Juniors a light cheesecake made in Brooklyn or a much heavier cheesecake "Baby Watson".



Knish: A patoto bases snack sometimes stuffed with cheddar, broccoli, or other ingredients. While zabars has a great selection sidewalk hot dog vendors usually also sell "plain" potate knishes.



Sabretts Hot Dogs: Most people know that New Yorkers love Nathans hot dogs but in reality rather than having a nathans dog (grilled) New Yorkers are more likely to purchase a broiled sebrets Hot Dog from one of the many sidewalk vendorts in the city.



Pizza:  New Yorkers love Pizza and every neighborhood has several pizzareas selling pizza by the slice. Unlike places like CA which offer  various toppind , New Yorkers are used to selecting simply Regular or Scilian, a square thick crust pizza.

"regular" pizza is typically very thin crused and most New Yorkers fold a slice in half while eatinmg lest the cheese slide off the slice while being eaten.



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