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Wisdom of Dr Seuss

Why Socialist Tendencies Will Ultimately Fail Because the Majority cannot continue endlessly to Seize Wealth and Live off The Minority (Top 10%)

In A Democratic Society Each Person's Voice is Important and Each Person has the Ability to Make a Differnce

Life is an Exciting Journey and Every Phase of It Brings Now Challenges and Experence That are Enriching

The Importance of Caring For Scarce Resources

Dr Deuss Was Not a Fan of the Cold War and the Dangerous Confrontations Between the Us and The Soviet Union

Dr Seuss Used A Story About Turtles To Mock Dictators

Dr Seuss Used A Book to Address issues of Anti-semetism and Racism

Addressing Class Distinctions and the Need For Personal Responsibility and Equality

During World War II,

Dr Seuss Used his Art as Propaganda

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