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Various Videos, Graphs, and Illustrations

City Light From Space

Visit the Space Station

Global Cloud Modeling

Scale Model of Our Solar System

Holiday Lighting From Space

Flights in Europe in 24 hours

Dominate Fast Food Burger Chains

Casting an Ant Colony

The Growth of China

Injustice in Syria

Hillary versus Obama

Flashback to 2012

Stealing Freedom/Boiling A Frog

The Moral Downside of US Embargo on Iran

Strange Borders

Difference One Individual Can Make

Panda Cheese Commercials

Orbiting Earth

"Building the New Bay Bridge"

"Changing Map of Europe Since 1500"

Building a Boeing Jet

Hudson Valley UFOs

Toilets For Elevators?

Public Restroom Around The World

China's Cancer Villages

 China's Empty Cities

The Number of Countries

Who Knows More About The Presidents?

25 Interesting Maps

Reagan Versus Obama

Lion King in 3-D

Dec 31, 1999 Washington DC

What If There Were 100 People on The Planet?

Crazy Festivals

Traveling No- Nos

What if Thre Were 100 People in Mexico?

How Titanic Sunk

Where Lopez Went To College

Earth's Landmass in 250 million Years

US Base Under Ice in Greenland

Vending Machine Disguise

Satisfying Wants in Japan

No Nos in Japan

10 Madrid Tapas Bars

10 Facts with opinion about Spain

Eatting Tapas in Spain

Is Minimum Wage Effective?

"Zombie Snails"

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