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My Not Endorsing Opinion

"Obama &  Illegal Immigration"

My Notendorsing Opinion

Article One of The Constitution says that Legislative Power, the power to make law is vested in the Congress. This is consistant with the philosophy of democracy that the laws should come from the people and that government must also be responsible to the people. It is Therefore for the people. assembled in Congress to determine and if necessary amend our immigration laws.


Article Two of The Constitution says that executive power, the power to enforce the laws is vested in the President. The President's oath of office includes both a promise to protect and defend The Constitution as well as to "faithfully" execute the laws of the United States. That is, the laws of The United States as passed and amended by Congress, not  what the president, his pen,  his cell phone, and/or his wife wish were the laws.


In seeking to defend the President's latest lawless action, making his own Immigration law ,his supporters and the Democratic/socialist party are seeking to confuse the issue and even spin a new web of lies and misrepresentations.


For example, the talking points taken up by the faithful followers includes saying the both Presidents Reagan and Bush used executive actions to make immigration laws. This is a total misrepresentation if not another lie. Both these presidents issued clearifying executive orders on how they were executing laws passed  appropriately by Congress.


Some like Comrade Pelosi are also comparing Obama's action to Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. There is a similarity between these two presidents in that they both claimed to recognize the Constitutional limitations on Presidential power. Just as Obama has repeatedly stated in the past that Executive Orders can not be used to make or amend laws, Lincoln in his first inagural address spoke of a president's inability to free the slaves by executive action.


When in fact Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation he was clear that he was acting as Commander-in Chief during a rebellion out of military neccessity. His order was intended to undermine Confederate war potential and was limited to those states still in rebellion. As such it was not intended nor claimed to be applicable as law within the United States. Lincoln supported amending The Constitution which was accomplisged by the 13th amendment.


In the current situation, Obama has indicated that he is acting because of Congessional inaction. Prior to today this despotic President/Community Organizer from Chicago threatened Congress that he would usurp their authority to pass laws if they did not do his bidding. This is similar to his unconstitutional recess appoints to the NLRB which the Supreme Court ruled 9 to 0 against.


If Obama really believes changing immigration laws were so important, why did he not honor his preelection promises to address this issue once he became Prsident in 2009. At the time the Democrats had control of both houses of Congress including a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate. This control lasted two years with no action by Obama on this issue. It was during this period Obamacare was passed without a single REpublican vote.


Rather the President has used this issue as a wedge to further divide the nation and to put the Republicans in the unfortunate position of defending the Constitution at the risk of allienating many in the Hispanic Community.


While I strongly agree both from an economic and a moral position that we should provide some legal status short of citizenship to the millions of illegals, I could never support a despot or dictator using these issues to undermine our democratic constitutional system of government.


The Congress should start impeachment proceedings against the President for this and past offences. His supporters  both in the government and outside should then have to defend their continued support for this lawless Obama.


Even if the Senate fails to convict and remove the president, we owe it to the future generations to go on the record stating that his actions did not go unopposed. That there were people willing to defend The Constitution. A Constitution that is the  legacy of the forefathers and those who defended it much cost to date .





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