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What did Obama say about....?

" R S P E C T "

"You can keep you healthcare plan...."

"Part 1 of 3 Obama's "Brief" Answer"

"Off the record with Russians and why he gets no rspect from Putin"

"Endless Promises and Just as Many Lies"

"Promising Not to use Signing Statements"

"You didn't Build That, You do not Work any Harder..."

"Obviously smartest man in the country"

"Obama Opposition to Bush Raising Debt Limit"

"Senator Obama Supporting Redistribution"

"Admits to Joe the Plumber he still supports Redistribution"

"Families will save $2500 with his Plan"

"Open Mic"

"Explaing how a Presdent cannot use Executive Action to change Immigration Laws"

"Being called out for failing to honor promise and adddress immigration when he could"

''No strategy for dealing with ISIS/ISIL"

"Just Words"

'Bush irresponsible and unpatriotic for debt"

"Middle class will not pay a dime more in taxes"

"Private Schools and Gyms"

"The Riots"

Obama "Gun Control"?

Mis-toasting The Queen

On Ellen

In The Rain

"How Many States?"

"Does He Ever Fact Check?

"Hillary Most Qualified Candiate Ever?"


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