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The People Who Enriched My Life

People That Made a Difference in My Life

My Grandfather and Grandmother, Manuel and Librada. I have great respect for the sacrifices and everything Abuelo went thru for his family and I recall the strong yet loving person abuela was.

Sr. Paul Marita: Teachers can play a very important role in our lives and several have made a difference in mine. I will forever be  grateful for Sr. Paul, my second grade teacher and not just because she cared for me after I ran into Jose and got a bloodied nose. It was Sr Paul, who in preparing me for my first communion taught me about a loving God who was always with me. In the years since, it was this reality that has carried me thru some of the most troubled times in my life. Sister's  kindness and gentle nature provided an example that I try to follow as a teacher.

My Uncle Manny and my Aunt Corrine. Aunt Corrine was such a loving person with such a pure heart. She always saw the good in others and it was impossibe for anyone to find falt with her.  I also always respected her search for a closer relationship with God yet I wondered how anyone could be closer to the ideal that God calls each of us to be. Uncle Manny was that loving uncle each family should have. He always demonstrated patience, love of family, and modeled an appreciation of what family and heritage is.

My daughter, Kristen Marie. While you cannot always prevent your children from making bad choices or protecting them from the consequences of those choices our children give us the greatest opportunity in life. To love unconditionally.

Francisco Lopez Tortosa, Paco. Not a day goes by that I do not miss having Paco in my life. He was the "older brother" in our family coming to klive with us when he was a teenager. When Paco was with us,  was like having a part of Spain right in our Queens house.  I treasure my memories of visiting him in Canada and Mexico, snd the time i goit so drunk with him in Barcelona.

Paco lived the "fast" life always on the go or enjoying time playinng golf. We shared a love of family and we both recognized that following one's heart sometimes lead to pain yet this was what we should follow, our heart.



My son, Nicholas Manuel, is the one person who I have no doubt has always loved me and that is a treasure in itself.  Nicholas is the  "nice person" that was my greatest hope that each of my children would become. You can have no greater friend than Nick, nor better son.

Aunt Tess

Aunt Anna

Cousin Mary Rodriquez

Great Aunt Jenny Braun

Cousin Christy Artes

My dad. It was not until I was an adult with children of my own that I came to understand and appreciate my dad. Looking back I see how me and my siblings took him for granted and failed to appreciate him in our lives but for better or worse he was there and each of us had an opportunity to share and treasure some aspect of my dad. For me it was a love of family and Spain.

Miss Anne Kapp

Great Uncle Mike

"Thank you"

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