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IIssue 1: Allegations against Trump. In 1987 Robert Bork was brutally attacked by the Dems seeking to deride his nomination to on the Suporeme Court. The Dems successfully used personal attacks to destoy his character and force him to ask that his nomination be withdrawn. Several years later the Dems again led by of all people Ted Kennedy attempted to Bork" Clarence Thomas when he was nominated to the Supreme Court. With the use of willing feminist such as Anita Hill and even a soda can from the past, the Dems attempted to render Thomas unacceptable to the American People. This time tey failed. Earlier this month we witnessed a prosession of women claiming to have been sexually assulted by Trump emerge just at the time when leaked emailes highly embarrassing to the Clinton campaign should have started capturing the public's attention. Instead of reading of Dem anti-Catholicism,of Dem paid thugs disrupting Trump rallies, of media hacks for hillary slipping her debate questions beforehand etc we head of porported assults all too commonly found in the Dem" Borking Manual". Unfortunately Trumps own immature and highly offensive comments from 11 years ago "leaked" to the media gave those looking to believe the worst about this flawed candidate what they needed, apparent confirmation of that his xcharacter should preclude his election. Politicial Philosophy underscores that people in general want leaders and a gov that best reflects that which is best about them,and not such character flaws of sexist and racism. More importantly however the basic purpose of government, the reason gov exists is to protect thre rights and property of the people. So why some might say Trump is not the person who best reflects who we want as lleader the reality is however a Trump gov more importantly will do a better job protecting people's rights and property. If his campaign can get this message across Trump can win. Even while being Borked.

Issue 2: Hillary's Health: Why should anyone believe it when the Clinton campaign tells us that Hillary's health is fine. The Clinton's have lied repeatedly to the American people about the emails, their foundation, and numerous other issues and events yet we are supposed to believe them now. Just as we have all heard by now what the FBI director said about her numerous eyes we have all also seen the video of Hillary on 9/11 "fainting".  While Clinton's supporters will understandably grasp at any reason to believe her lies in this case over her health the rest of us can choose to either believe our eyes or what the spin room is dishing out today...more bs.

 Issue 3: The current debate driven in part by the Black Lives Matter movement is a distraction from the real issue..the circumstances many Americans find themselves living in. I totally understand the need of Hillary and Dems to avoid having American look too closely at this issue given the role that the Dem Party has played in past in holding down the african American population. The same group they need the votes of to hold onto power. Trump is right to reach out to this community and he is equally right to point out the cuircumstances they are living under and the reasons for this dire situation.  Playing the race card also invites discussion of the disproporatate crime stats of minorities but rather than reflecting rce again this is a matter of circumstances.



Issue 4; Obama on the World Stage something the media crdits him for yet increasingly he is seen overseas as a failed president with a failed foreign policy. For example with regards to Russia, even before his election he mocked Romney for identifying Russia as a future threat. Upon election he send Hillary and her toys are us reset button hoping to signal a new policy of better relations with the Russians. Later he was even cought off mike trying to appease Putin with better options after his, Obama's reelection. Putin in reality disdains Obama and has sought every opportunity to embarrass the US President and to capitalize on his weaknesses. Hense the Seizure of Crimea, Russia's intervention in Syria, and their aggressive stand with regards to NATO. In addition,. Obam'a policy with China is little better. Witness this week's G20 when the Chinese taking a lesson from Russia sought to humiliate Obama every chance possibe fro the welcoming ceromony to their meeting with US officials. Furthermore one need only look at the Middle Easrt, Britexit (Obama went there seeking to influence their vote on the issue only he had the opposite effect, the south China Sea , and our weakening relations with long term allies (the Phillipine President this week actually referred to Obama as "the Son of a whore" on the way to meeting with him) to see that like Trump has said "What have we got to lose" trying something else, a Republican at this point. Our foreign policy needs a new direction and Hillary was in the co-piots chair on at least part of the journey to this point.


Atop The New World Trade Center

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When A Gay Couple Asks For Help



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In Spain....

Yes! A Government in sight!

In June Spain's lower house in Congress voted twice 180 to 170 against the leader of the PP becoming the President of THe Government.


The Constitution allows the King to nominate another candidate for President but if come Oct 31st there is no President new elections, the third one will have to be held on or about Dec 25th.


The obvious solution to the current crisis is for the PSOE, the socialist to abstain and let the head of the PP, Spain's largest party become President


New elections are not in the PSOE's interest given that they had the lowest results in their history in the Dec vote exceeeded by still lower results in June. A thuird election might see the PSOE sink even further to become become the third largest party


This is why this weekend (Oct 22th) the PSOE after replacing Sanchez as they Leader voted to abstain later this week after the king nominates the leader of the PP for President and Congress votes on the matter.


In the first vore, the PP will come up possibly 6 votes short of an absolute majority. As per the Constitution a second vote will be held 48 hours later requiring just a simple majority/ With the PSOE abstaining, the PP will win and Spain will have a minority government that most hope will last at least 2 years if not 4. ith an Oct 31st deadline aproaching all will be working fast including the king who will get things in motion early this week meeting the leaders of all the political powers.


The current "crisis" which has left spain with a caretaker gov for over 300 days has illustrated the importance , value, and benefit of a non-political head of state monarch. As such Kingh Felipe VI's popularity has understandable risen these past several months.

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Poor Education + Lack of Opportunity =Poverty

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"Yes and No"

I agree with his opinion that Trump is playing into the hands of the Dems when he lets them set the public discussion by baiting him. Yet the fact remains Dems have two big advantages. They are more motivated to win because they risk losing power, some face potential trials (Hillary), and their Global Warming/Solar Gravy train could end plus they are using incentives such as the promise of free college tuition more effectively to motivate and expand their base. That said increased terrorist attacks and instability, and poor economic data (1/7th of US on Foodstamps) could result in Rep victory.Finally, remember Trump has a few major problems in his Econ Proposals and I am not endorsing him either.

Be Yourself!

"It's Ok to Be Different"

Obama in Africa

Political Cartoons

Trump at Al Smith Dinner

Trump's "Deplorable Commercial

Obama & Immigration

Just my "notendorsing" opinion:

Bill Clinton's Failed Agreement with North Korea

As President, Bill Clinton negotiated an agrement with North Korea costing the US humdreds of millions that he assured the country would preclude No Koren securing nuclear weapons. Today No Korea has at least 20 nuclear weapons threating US interests and our allies. Good job Bill! President Obama has made a similar agreement now with Oran and he too has given the US public similar assurences. Anyone willing to bet that the outcome is the same?

Obama's Gun Running Operation

Mr. gun control himself, President Obama ran an illegal gun smuggling operation into Mexico and possibly other nations violating the very laws he claims to support. He then turned around claiming our laxck of controls waas resulting in te deaths of innocent Mexicans. He neglected to point out he knew this as a fact since he sent those automatic weapons south of the border

Are These Typical Americans?

The "Clinton Cash" Trailer out 5/29

"Is Trump The Answer?"

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