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Who said Dems are Against Building walls?

Be Yourself!

 The Relationship of Oceans to Climate

Medical Student Risks Life to Help Woman

Atop The New World Trade Center

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Obama & Immigration

Freedom and Its Price

At War With History

"At War With History"


What Obama might just call "randon vandalism"

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"You cannot step in the same river twice.”

Obama's  Biased Vision and Narratives 7/11

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Do Young People Know Their Government?

Are These Typical Americans?

When A Gay Couple Asks For Help


Part of The Problem

Poor Education + Lack of Opportunity =Poverty

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Most Articulate President in History? 6/2

The "Clinton Cash" Trailer out 5/29

The Rio Olympics

Bill Clinton's Failed Agreement with North Korea

As President, Bill Clinton negotiated an agrement with North Korea costing the US humdreds of millions that he assured the country would preclude No Koren securing nuclear weapons. Today No Korea has at least 20 nuclear weapons threating US interests and our allies. Good job Bill! President Obama has made a similar agreement now with Oran and he too has given the US public similar assurences. Anyone willing to bet that the outcome is the same?

China's Growing Military Power

Obama's Gun Running Operation

Mr. gun control himself, President Obama ran an illegal gun smuggling operation into Mexico and possibly other nations violating the very laws he claims to support. He then turned around claiming our laxck of controls waas resulting in te deaths of innocent Mexicans. He neglected to point out he knew this as a fact since he sent those automatic weapons south of the border

"Yes and No"

I agree with his opinion that Trump is playing into the hands of the Dems when he lets them set the public discussion by baiting him. Yet the fact remains Dems have two big advantages. They are more motivated to win because they risk losing power, some face potential trials (Hillary), and their Global Warming/Solar Gravy train could end plus they are using incentives such as the promise of free college tuition more effectively to motivate and expand their base. That said increased terrorist attacks and instability, and poor economic data (1/7th of US on Foodstamps) could result in Rep victory.Finally, remember Trump has a few major problems in his Econ Proposals and I am not endorsing him either.

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